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Animal Welfare

The AAALAC International Council on Accreditation has reviewed the report of the recent site visit to the Nonclinical Research Institute, ChemOn Inc., Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea. The Council commends you and the staff for providing and maintaining a high quality program of laboratory animal care and use. Especially noteworthy were the high level of involvement of the Institutional Official, Institutional Animal Care and User Committee(IACUC), and you; the knowledgeable animal care staff; the state-of-the-art building and facility, especially the new histopathology laboratory; the excellent storage facilities for controlled substances, test items and veterinary pharmaceuticals; and the good color markings for controlling traffic patterns in the facility. The Council is pleased to inform you that the program conforms with AAALAC International standards as set forth by the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (Guide), NRC2011. Therefore, FULL ACCREDITATION shall continue.
Commitment to Animal Care and Use
After receiving good results from the in-depth re-assessment of our facilities and practices from AAALAC’s voluntary, peer-review accreditation program in December 2018, Chemon gained International accreditation to ensure commitment to the responsible, ethical, and humane treatment of animals in science by participating in AAALAC’s voluntary, peer-review accreditation program.
The Role of the Committee
  1. Laboratory Animal Facilities Inspection
  2. Assessment of an Animal Care and Use Program (twice a year)
  3. Animal Experimentation Ethics Review and Approval
  4. Head of Animal Testing Facility & Animal Use Report for the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
The Committee composition
The chairman
Internal committee member
Veterinarian (3)
Internal committee member
External committee member
The Recommendation on Private Agencies (2)
External committee member
Special Veterinarian for Laboratory Animal
The 3Rs at Chemon, Implementation of the 3Rs
  1. Replacement
    • Avoid or replace the use of animals
  2. Reduction
    • Minimise the number of animals used per experiment
  3. Refinement
    • Provide a pleasant animal environment and reduce pain with proper veterinary medical care.

Head Quarter / Nonclinical Research Institute
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Gyeonggi Bio Research Center
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Chuncheon Bio Research Center
  • 2-8, BIO-3 32, Soyanggang-ro, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, 24232, Republic of Korea
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